Bits & Pieces

Fun facts for the last 2 weeks:

1. I am officially in love with 32 at the Mansion. I looooove the interior romantic ambience & the outside sunset chill-out spot. I looooove the garlic bread & the fresh oysters, sicilian seafood soup, chef-recommended roasted lamb, etc. Ah. Total dining bliss, so far. 🙂

2. I’m going to the nude art exhibition later in the evening. wooooh!

3. G-spot rendezvous this saturday? I hope the jazz singer still there.

4. I love bamboo rafting. coool eh.

5. I am way behind and accumulated assignment will bring a headache in the next few weeks. and yet, I am still procrastinating. I even too lazy to blog now.

6. last weekend was havoc. Studio work till 6 am, everyday.

7. I am craving for chocolate indulgence. Or espresso tiramisu. whichever come first in my mind.

8. I don’t know what my heart desire anymore. I don’t wanna be here or anywhere else i.e. KK, KL, etc. I wanna travel though. 🙂 


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