Visa Cards

Getting a decent monthly income will automatically entitled you to get a card. credit card to be exact. I am more than qualified to get one now but I refrain myself from getting one. Why? I don’t want to be in debt & I can’t control my spending. 🙂

But then, I need a card to make online purchases, book airline tickets, and etc which require a credit card. *sigh*

Instead of a credit card, I opt for a debit card. Purchases I made deducted straight from my account; paying with my own money & owe the bank nothing. Sounds like a good plan.
I applied Maybankcard Visa Debit months ago & I have been happily using it for swapping all over stores that carry Visa logo 🙂

Nice looking debit card. Cute. Very useful. I like. My lifesaver when I was in Labuan Airport. I booked ticket for my LBU-BKI flight last week prior to my KL graduation trip through Malaysia Airlines online booking. It was a time-out session booking & I got to call their 1-300 call centre to confirm the ticket booking. They said the flight confirmed & they shall send the itinerary to my email but until 5 hours before the flight, I have yet still to receive any email from them. I was pissed off. The MAS ticketing office in Labuan Airport said my payment was auto-reversed & I got to pay at the counter if I wanted to take that flight back to KK. I got no choice but I was running out of cash. They charged me 245MYR for a LBU-BKI and I only got 150MYR in my purse. Lucky there’s a debit card.

However, though Visa debit saved my life in Labuan, I can’t upgrade my flickr free account to pro. I need a Visa card that can be used for online transaction & verified by paypal. Maybank debit visa is not build for online purchases and withdrawal, yet. What a bummer. 😦

(I wonder.. If it can’t be used for online purchases and withdrawal, it can’t be called a debit card then? Perhaps the right term would be electronic ATM? hmmm but it still deducted from you bank account, so.. )

Again, when these things happened, I start doing a research on which is a good card *debit card ahem* to apply for my second card. I’m hoping I can get a debit card with a mastercard logo this time.
At first, I wanted to apply PB Visa Electron Debit Card but then I decided not to. 🙂 Though there are so many good review on the card but I personally feel it’s not good for me. Why?
1. It’s yellow. ew. Not that I hate yellow but it doesn’t look attractive. Mwhahahaha.

2. Annual fees as compared to Maybank Visa *which is FOC*
3. other reasons which I’m too lazy to jot it down here.

I was thinking of getting IKEA card too as it offers good bargain for purchases I made in IKEA. I do spend A LOT when I visited IKEA store but hey, IKEA Mutiara Damansara is 2 hours and a half away from my house. So, a cup of Swedish coffee/tea at 50% off and discounted swedish meal (meatballs!) doesn’t apply to me everyday. *sigh* and how am I gonna accumulate points when I visit their store once in say, 3 months? oh anyway, it is a IKEA Friends Loyalty Payment Card.

After hours of reading review from various blogs/forums/bank websites/etc, I’ve decided to get a Tune Visa card. It is a prepaid card where you need to top-up in order to use the card. And it is paypal-friendly. LOL.

I don’t have to worry getting over-spending my kaching straight from the account & it’s RED.
Nice card! 🙂 I will collect my TUNE card at Likas Post Office in 10 days time. 🙂


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