Istiadat Konvokesyen Universiti Malaya 2008

Today, as in 7 August 2008 I, (fill in full name) have graduated from University of Malaya with Honors in Bachelor of Science (Environmental Science and Management). ☺

It was rather a memorable event in my life as I celebrate it with the love ones: my parents & my closest friends in the varsity. ☺

Though the great one wasn’t there to see me getting my scroll from the Toh Puan Pro Chancellor, the great one called me when I was just receiving my scroll during the event. Great timing. ☺ I’m happy that everyone that I cared for were there, physically & er… virtually.

I started off my day by having a nasi lemak with my parents for breakfast. Had a more-than-normal portion of the nasi that I kind of regretted at first (but eventually I was thankful that I ate ‘that’ much in the morning).

Around 10 am, I rushed to Telawi Bangsar for a hairwash at my favourite salon. I still love the salon ambience & the hospitality of the stylist and the staff. I changed to my kebaya & did a little touch up at the Bangsar Village 2 powder room. LOL. Funny, that I chose my favourite mall to be my official venue for graduation. Ha,ha.

Met Shanaz & Sumi at the opposite Dewan Tunku Chancellor. We took heaps of pictures and wore our robes there as well. ☺ Grace then joined us & around 1.30-ish pm we finally headed to Examination building to queue up according to alphabets.

I was smart enough to bring a sling bag; so I brought along my smart card (the card used to announce my name during the ceremony), id card, 10 dollar note, mobile phone, my MAC eyeliner (which one girl mistakenly think it was a pencil & want to borrow it to write her name, LOL), my compact powder & lip gloss AND not forgetting! My digital Olympus camera! My birthday present from the great one is used during my convocation day. Nice. ☺

I seated next to a cute, shy Chinese guy and a friendly malay girl. Oh yeah, I was the most happening girl around as I was so brave to even talk on the phone & snapping photos in the hall as the graduates are not allowed to bring anything especially mobile phone AND camera. LOL. But of course, I know the etiquettes and all, stop snapping pictures when the ceremony about to start and the Pro Chancellor started walking in to the hall.

My name was called perfectly, I waltzed to the Pro Chancellor gracefully & daddy took a snap of me walking on the stage with sexy calf shown. Ha,ha. And of course, I bow before getting the scroll from the Pro Chancellor and walking in front other parents to go back to my seat with a (tunduk) a little as a respect to elderly (It is one of the malay custom to show your respect to the elder people when you walk pass them).

And when the ceremony ended, I called up my parents as I was waiting for them at the centre stage so I can take photos with them at the stage. I met Wawa, my next-door neighbor for 2 semesters when I was in 12th College. Met with another SPAS clan too and took pictures with them.

Oh by the way, it was a wet ceremony; rain started pouring down when I was about to enter the hall.

After the ceremony, my parents and I went to the Exam Hall & I signed up for a studio snapshoot with the university official photographer. I signed up for 2 packages; family and self-photos with a bookcase background. LOL. Nice. ☺

Tomorrow I will return the robe & get the stage photos. Will be meeting my friends tomorrow too. ☺

Mommy bought a nice bouquet of pink roses for me. Kisses. Shanaz gave me a teddy bear & I have yet to give them my gift for them. I bought 4 different flavor of Hersheys kisses that I have yet to wrap it nicely. Aw.

Will give it to them tomorrow then. ☺

Oh I sang the university’s song when the event was about to wrap. Act that I didn’t expect I would do. But hey, I love my university.

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  1. Anne says:

    My Dear Ida, CONGRATULATIONS on your convocation. I am so happy for you, honours lagi tu. Woohoooo!!! Millions wishes to you. *Blowing kisses* U look so pretty in your robes, so elegant. I lurve your C&K peep toes. We hv C&K here too. Come to Sydney lah one day ya, have a go of their shopping arcades. However, the fashion here isnt that “hype”, if you know what I mean. I’d rather shop in M’sia or Hong Kong, more varieties. Anyway, most of the designs here come from Asia anyway. Hehe. Here, even the MNG, FCUK and Armani here kalah when compared to MNG, FCUK and Armani in the many shopping malls in KL. The design here so limited, and kinda pathetic. Even the Aussies admit they dont really like shopping here. Haha. But food here are so-very-the-nice. Hehe.

    Anyway, Ida… I am so happy for you. You are one helluva of a graduate – pretty and sassy. Take care alright… Once again, congratulations!!! =)

  2. anggun3 says:

    oh thank you Anne! 🙂 yeah getting honours pretty hard in UM especially when you got to compete with another thousands brainy in the faculty. LOL.
    Oh yeah, do you know that I flew to KL just to get my robe & it was havoc fighting to get the best robe & the gold-brass hood! I love the brass-gold color! Simply classy. Teehee. So, my advice is to choose your robe attire wisely. 🙂

    Yeah, the C&K heels! I LOVE it. Wait till I get the soft copy of the stage pic with the pro-chancellor from the official photographer, you can see the heels VERY clearly! 🙂 More choices of C&K store in 1Borneo! I wonder whether you’ll have the same variety in Sydney. But! Best to go to Singapore to shop! 🙂 since C&K is SG-origin.

  3. chriskia says:

    You’ve graduated!!! jeles-nya….Thanks for linking me up. Nice blog you have!! And I love Canon, IKEA and KK too!!! Hehe….keep up the good work!!!

  4. anggun3 says:

    hehehe yep finally, graduated! phew. oh weeee! I love canon, ikea n kk too! plus mac! read your iphone post! welcome to the club! 🙂

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