Belum rainforest resort

i am currently at the belum rainforest resort, undergoing an ecology field trip as well as nature appreciation. To my surprise, its a 5star like resort in the middle of no-where, near thailand border with a lush rainforest at the back and banding island.

Oh i did bamboo rafting with the rest of the landscape architecture clan upon checking in to the resort. After a scrumptious grilled tilapia with sautee n potatoes (yummyyyyyyyyyyyy!), the General Manager of the resort brief us on the concept and aspiration of developing this place. Will blog again about it later (and to add in lotsa pictures as evidence). Then we went to the belum rainforest research centre where all the research on the place being conducted there, i.e. Dry and wet laboratories in the building.

The prof then brought us for a walk in the jungle, in the dark! Without any torchlight whatsoever. We were exposed to any adverse possibilities and uncertainty. Definitely an interesting experience, as he teaches us to blend with nature and try to listen to the song of the forest (and it’s dangerous animals roaming around us).
Anyhow, tomorrow it is anticipated to be more fun and thrilling jungle trekking and to one of the beautiful waterfront near to the Sungai Enam. Ok, slumber time.
P/s: i love the shower in the room! 🙂

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