An escape

hey ya all! I just came back from SL wedding at kionsom and i am here at tanjung aru beach, sipping my coffee, sitting alone and enjoying the sound of wave and the night sea breeze. with a mocha caffe i bought at warisan, i am here.. Trying to clear my head and hoping to find my old self back. it’s been a messy second quarter of 2009 and i need to rectify it so i can be myself again.

Somehow d sound of wave sooth my soul and clear my head. I am blogging because i got no one to talk to here. So here i am, blogging away at the beach. A lil bit noisy at the background as the band from the beach cafe singing some old tunes.

I have one more night in kk and i am not sure how am i going to spend my last day in kk. I feel sad to leave kk again. KK has charmed me and whenever i go, i will still feel KK is the best place to live.

I am a km away from the one messing with my life. But i am not making any first move anymore. I am sick of doing that. so, let it be. Let me go back to penang with peace. I don’t need more headache to add to my accumulating assignment. Gasp. I hope i can survive in penang this time. Got to work double hard for the assignment and upcoming final exams. Ah. Wish me luck!

Overall, its been a wonderful raya holiday. I spent more time with my family. Yep, m not the family person so most of the time i’ll be missing from the gathering etc.

Ah. I love Tanjung Aru. I just love it 🙂 i would someday buy a house near to the shore, with sandy beach and all that jazz. I would love to wake up to the sound of wave. Ok gotta pray to the god of the sea and throw my emotion away. Will blog again later.

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