3rd day of Raya

Hey ya all! It’s 2.20 am and I am still downloading the other half of Heroes S4e1&e2. I just finished watching s5e1 of How I Met Your Mother and s3e2 of Gossip Girl. Ah. HIMYM is so freaking hilarious. Professor Mosby. T-Dawg. whaaaaaat? hahahahaha. Barn-man & robin looks good together! *Melt* They are constantly in denial & avoiding the talk. Hmmm.. sounds familiar? 😛 You will only understand this if you are watching that episode. 

GG elaborate more on the first week in college, especially for those enroll into NYU. Poor Blair, but yep, it’s like that, you are becoming popular or out of your shell in college when you were a social outcast when you were in high school. i.e. Dan Humphrey. 🙂 Regina looks sweet to me, at least if she change for good. I would accept her.

I am totally enjoying home this holiday. I cooked & cleaned. Oh, sounded like i’m domesticated. Ha,ha. I go out & I drive. It’s a nice feeling to be driving the same nice, scenic road. And good to feel that friends are few minutes away from you.

I visited the doulos the other day, on raya eve to be exact. It was such a cool ship with books (double thumbs up) but my friends & I got to shorten our visit as it started to rain heavily (and we’re smart enough not to carry an umbrella). Ha,ha.

Then we were off to Warisan Charles & Keith. I was sadden that I won’t be having a BKs this year so I thought as least let me get a pair of nice shoes to go with my old clothes. But I can’t get anything I want from C&K. I went to 1B the day before & I can’t spot any nice C&K shoes too there. So, its really sad. I ended up buying a champagne-color, peep-toe shoes from Vincci. It was nice. Love to wear it with my skinny jeans but doesn’t go well with my baju kurung. Oh well.

First and second raya, I spent most of my time visiting my relatives house. And third day of raya, I’m inviting my close friends (mostly ex-colleagues) for a raya lunchie. Thank you guys for coming over. I really appreciate it. And those who unable to come, please collect your part from Del as already tapau some of the kueh for you all. For those who hasn’t come yet, and wanted to, my house is always open for guest. You are welcome to come (I’m flying back to Penang this sunday, hint hint).

About the confrontation, I’m having a second thoughts. Maybe I should have just leave it like that. Leave things as it is. No need to rewrite the history & leave things as it is, because it is as it is now. It can not be changed. I’m looking for secret rendezvous for catching up and saying hi and all that. But. We’ll see.

I have yet to start on my assignment! OMFG. I’m supposed to masted ACAD by now! I do not have a formal lesson on it but I seriously needed it for my assignment. i.e. botany master plan, etc. Oh I need to be a superwoman this week. But I am still in holiday mood. How? Awwwww.

OK I am procrastinating to sleep early tonight. I shall stop here & blog again tomorrow. I slept when the sun rise again yesterday. Not good enough! ;p


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