Some say its Heaven…

I had FUN at the Sunset Bar & Grill this evening! Great company, great ambience, great food & SUPER great guy singing all the favourite and/or evergreen tunes. I give 5-star for everything today! 🙂

Jessie picked me up around 5.30pm & we arrived at Karambunai around 6pm. Before settled in the restaurant/bar we strolled along the Karambunai beach. I just LOVE the beach, not the best beach in here but I’d settled for this one today. We ordered their famous dish, pizza. Indeed the pizza taste just nice 🙂 It wasn’t just a hype. It is delicious! So dear reader, do try out their pizza! I had ice lemon tea & margarita for Jessie. We practically catching up with each other since both been busy with work & Master thesis for the past 3 weeks. 

Oh, did i mention the great guy singing at the bar? He was just LOVELY for the bar ambience singing a very nice selection of songs like Close to you-The Carpenters, Only You-The Platters, Maroon 5-Won’t Go Home Without You, Everything-Micheal Buble and etc. He was just LOVELY. We giggled & looked at him everytime he start to sing a new song. He noticed that we enjoyed his singing. 🙂 Just LOVELY. We stayed until his 3rd round of singing. We even had another round of drink; both ordered mocktail. ‘The rainy day’ for me whereas Jessie ordered ‘Golden *something*’. ha.ha.

We were there from 6 till close to 10 pm. Called it a night when another singer replaced the guy. LOL. We still love him singing as compared to the second singer. On the way back to the car, we saw him singing in another dining area, The Kingfisher restaurant if I’m not mistaken. I waved at him & he nodded & smiled. *giggle* 

I really enjoyed myself today. Sunset Bar & Grill definitely my FAVOURITE place here now. 🙂

Below are some of the snapshot, not that clear due to my dang digital camera:

The beach

Karambunai beach

Jessie with her margarita (I just love the blue-sky color!)


Can you spot the singer? *grin*

This is my favourite shot! 

The bar

Yep. Sunset Bar and Grill

I definitely will hang out more often here. Besides, Nexus is only half & hour (or so) from my house.

Do visit my flickr album for more pictures. *cough* wait till i get my first slr. 🙂 

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