What’s up?

1. I’m in the middle of editing photos & burn it to DVD – before sending to respective recipients;

2. I received my second paycheck (angpau/ saguhati/etc) for my service;

3. Bought a mini-DVI to VGA converter and VGA f/m 3m extension for my cousie;

4. Finished watching Hanazakari, 1 litre of tears, Galileo, Shimokita, etc and I’m watching Honey & Clover now;

5. Too much japanese drama: instead of saying ‘bismillah..” before eating, I said ‘itadakimasu‘ (meaning: I gratefully receive/thank you for the food). ha,ha. 

6. I need at least one japanese meal a week. Yep, I’m a hardcore sushi fan. I can eat more than 15 sushi in one meal; I can eat sashimi/raw; and I can eat those grilled smelly fish. yummy;

7. I’m planning to buy the sushi cooking utensils at Daiso, 1Borneo. You know those makisu (bamboo mat for sushi rolls), oke, sushi making kit. woohooo!

8. Definition of boyfriend to iDa: Manabu Yukawa character in Galileo. wooh! ’nuff said!

9. I wanna eat sushi. awww anyone? let’s sushi?

10. Notice that item no 4 until 9, all about nihon-koku?

11. Met sharon ann at the computer shop just now. yep. she’s hawt now;

12. Downloaded full album of Frank Sinatra & Best of Hotel Costes. woooh!

13. My name (in japanese) is Hiyashi Miyako. (Translation :Hayashi (forest) Miyako (beautiful march child)). woooho! Im a tree-hugger & I’m a march baby. wooohooo! soooo me! 🙂

14. enuff!

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  1. chriskia says:

    Hey Ida thought of dropping by to say hi 🙂 Happy New Year 2009!

    If you’re thinking of getting an iPhone. I really encourage you to get an ‘officially unlocked’ one vs. those that are unlocked using a very famous online software. The reason is that you can get official software updates (1) from Apple and (2) you have freedom to download applications from iTunes without relying on installers from unlocked iPhones. I have played with an unlocked one and trust me, you would rather put your money where it’s worth 🙂 Well that is just my 5cents worth of that topic and I know some ppl who still like the flexibility of unlocked iPhones.

    Contact me if you need more info on iPhones. And yeap, good choice for choosing an iPhone. iPhone has really changed the way I look at mobile phones 🙂

    Take care yeah

  2. anggun3 says:

    hey chris! happy new year 2009 n ox to u too! 🙂

    erk yeah wanted to get officially unlocked ones but somehow here the pricing a bit overboard & $&%^# I’m waiting for it to be officially launch in msia.

    anyway, i’m looking forward to the nano-iphone rumors toooo. I wonder how small it is as compared to the std iphone & when will it be launch to the market, we have to wait & see 🙂

    definitely contact u if i need more info on iphone. 🙂

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