What are you waiting for?

As far as I hate to admit to myself (and even to the world wide web), I  am unintentionally looking for my mr big. Ok, this is sappy but yep, I do look around, but so far.. he is no where to be found, in Malaysia. Hmm. I am not desperately looking for one, I am happy where I am now but somehow deep down, you would feel something tickles you and you don’t want to admit what is that. I am no Carrie Bradshaw, I am more into Miranda, the cold hearted lawyer that has a cynical view on relationship and men but I fell hopelessly over Mr Big. Yes, he is my perfect definition of men. Oh well, guess I am watching too much rerun of SATC.

Anyway, apart from that.. I don’t know what life brings me, I thought I have planned my life for the next 10 years but due to circumstances, I have to plan accordingly. So far, I am afraid to write it down here where I am going to be for the next five years, or even next year once I graduated. Most probably you my dear reader thinks I would be heading back to KK, but who knows? Nothing is concrete at the moment. I saw/read from updates that some of my schoolmates are heading back to KK for good/getting married/engaged/graduated-starting a working life in KK etc. Good for them, KK is the best city to live in. So am I going back to KK when I finally grasp my MSc?  🙂 Let’s play by ears!

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