Ok this is my recent trip to Langkawi with the rest of the landscape studio. Photos credit to my studiomate/lec camera. Sorry, my baby still at the canon centre.

Anyway, Cenang beach is one of the tourist friendly beach where most of the mass tourism going on here. The stretch of this beach filled with watersport activities, chalets, motels and even resorts. Throughout the main road along the beach, you can find lotsa thing a tourist can dream of, food, bikinis, parios, and so on.  But my personal favourite would be Tanjung Rhu beach where the *dream* Tanjung Rhu Resort & Four Seasons, and of course The Andaman at Datai Bay. Ah. Would love to check-in to those premises (Wishful thinking).

For that to happen, I’m contented with the accomodation that compliment my budget at the moment as a student 🙂 I can’t demand more (or less). So, everybody happy 🙂

But if i was given a choice (and kaching), I’ll definitely trying to check-in to those. I’ve been drooling for years and you know how much i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooove beach resort do you my dear reader? Ha,ha. One of the thing that I want to do when I’m slightly able to afford everything is to travel around the world and pamper myself to scenic sunset all over the world, a luxurious spa/massages & so on 🙂

Jumpin’ jumpin’. Yes… we love to jump…

part of Landscape studio clan

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