Standing Ovation

Tomorrow will be a year since I started embarking in working life. A year. (standing ovation) bluek.

and I’m still here, standing still … working my ass off, running here & there to get the work done.

What I have learned in the past 1 year? Let’s recall back & analyse:

1. I’ve come to realization that getting kaching from your own sweat, every penny counts;

2. I’ve gotten to know key important people in my field, and trying to keep good relationship with them;

3. Team work gets work done faster, toleration must be at the highest without compromising the work quality;

4. I’ve been chased out, scolded in meetings, thick-faced, acting smart & knows nut about thing, brag & deal things smoothly. I have yet to polish my business etiquette;

5. Knows how to look for answer for every question;

6. Getting my first EIA approval. woohoo!

7. Faced my EIA rejected to my face. bluek;

8. To prioritize. 6-7 projects to juggle everyday & do what’s the most important first (and coffee in code red priority too, lol);

9. know where to break rules, back-door gate & act dumb. huaaah! Do i sound dirty? 😛

10. gambate! brace for more challenge & new exciting experiences.


I have survived a year of working.

Happy one year to Yan n NF too!

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  1. Anne J says:

    Happy one year working!!! Erm, is it an anniversary of sorts? Otherwise, happy working anniversary 😉

  2. anggun3 says:

    hahha thanks anne! not an anniversary, just a mental note that i’ve been working for 1 year. hahaha 🙂

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