The new Macbook – A review

I’m currently blogging from the new macbook – No, no.. I didn’t buy new macbook, I still love my white macbook but …


belongs to my cousin. She just bought the new macbook to replace her iBook G4 (yep, THAT old). and now I’m all GREEN. *dayumm*

Anyway, some of the new features/ better spec-requirement in addition to the white/and black polycarbonate macbook are:

1. Multitouch trackpad (dayummmmm.. 2-fingers scroll, 4 fingers swipe, OMG I’m going ga-ga over the trackpad). I’m practically wanted to try sticking my tougue to the trackpad to see whether I can run the pointer over, OK too much) 

2. Processor and memory ( nothing to boost about this as my macbook comparable to new ones, duh. yes, i upgraded mine)

3. Storage – Optional 250 GB or 320 GB 5400-rpm HD or 128 GB solid-state drive (ok,fine!)

4. Graphics -NVIDIA GeForce 9400M graphics processor with 256MB of DDR3 SDRAM shared with main memory (OK, comparable to macbook pro, FINE FINE. Better than mine)

5.  Wireless -Built-in AirPort Extreme Wi-Fi (based on IEEE 802.11n draft specification)2; built-in Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) module (wtf?)

6. Design:

    a) Unidesign enclosure – single piece of Aluminium

    b) Thinner, lighter 

    c) Glass display with LED backlight technology (something to drool over)

 7. Design for ENVIRONMENT (DfE) – Read their Environmental Status Report 

new macbook from the new macbook. -23 November 2008.

OMFG. I want! 🙂

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  1. chriskia says:

    Decided to get the new MacBook tomorrow after my BIG exams…with $150 off (a one day rare Apple Friday Sale)!!!! I will be on the ‘other side’ really soon Ida! Going back to KK real soon in December 🙂 Hope to c u around!

  2. anggun3 says:

    oh reallllly? great!! so can we exchange macbookie for a year or so?? hahahaha! JK!
    Black friday?? 150$ is a good bargain *im all greeen again*

    well i hope its not too early (or too late) to welcome you to the world of mac!
    im drooling over the new macbook & u should too. but i heard 2nd batch of macbook gonna be out soon? 🙂

    yeah great! hope to see u in KK too. I’ll be, in KK & KL in Dec. But most of the time i’ll be in kk. 🙂

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