REDtone to unveil WiMAX in Sabah

KOTA KINABALU:Sabah residents would be the first to experience high-speed wireless Internet access in east Malaysia with launch of the WiMAX technology by REDtone International Bhd.

REDtone group chief executive officer Zainal Amanshah said the service would be available in most high-density areas of the city on a 2.3 GHz band.

“Customers in east Malaysia can expect to pay up to 40% less for REDtone’s WiMAX compared to traditional leased lines.” he said at the WiMAX soft launch and agreement signing between REDtone and Motorola Electronics Sdn Bhd yesterday. – Bernama


iDa: Oh really? *Skeptical* I will investigate later.

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  1. tomato says:

    *sceptical* but if it walk the talk, then y not!!

  2. anggun3 says:

    definitely! Argh. Gave a pseudo-HOPE & that’s it. Yikes. Malaysia boleh! 😛

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