MyKuali Penang White Curry Noodle

I wanna write something other than running event, places to eat or places to visit. This post is about instant noodle. Hahaha. If you ever heard before, or saw any of your friends posting stuff over Facebook, you will see there’s a surge of demand for this instant noodle. They said it’s elfin’ yummy. And I see people buying it in volume.

So I was curious.

Finally, local supermarket started selling it at 7.99 with 4 packets each. So, I bought one.


And, hell yeah. The gravy taste so, so damn good. The chill paste, the santan are in the optimal mixture level. It was like love at first sight on my first slurp of the soup.


Then my colleague, has to go to Penang for site inspection. Me and my other colleague, asked him to get one box of the noodle from the local supermarket in Penang. After few attempt of searching the noodle at Tesco & Sunshine, he finally got it at Gama Supermarket, near to Komtar. Don’t ask me where is it. It’s an old, and super old school supermarket at Jalan Dato Keramat. I think I’ve seen the building before but never set my foot inside the building. LOL.

On my second attempt of cooking it with more stuff.. I stir-fry the  prawn, bamboo shell, chicken with chills. This is to ensure that the chilli will seep in to the prawns etc. Then, I added fried tofu, veggie and hard boiled egg…Image

… and walla ! MyKuali Penang White Curry Noodle !!


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