August checklist


Things that make me smile:

1. PEN-BKI 15 Aug 09, etd 1015 hours;

2. Zara jeans legging;

3. Mike Lin. Oh I ❤ Kinokuniya, first floor. ahhhh!! I looooove!

3. San Francisco fresh oysters, nachos, medium done sirloin steak, potato skin;

4. Harrod’s in Malaysia, tea, sandwiches & scones! 

5. True blood s2e7

6. Charles & keith nude bag with gold brass. love love love!

7. Obsessed – Mariah Carey;

8.Nasi ganja @ Nasi Kandar Ayam Merah Ipoh, yummy!;

9. Toying around with 3GS!! 😛 

I stress about:

1. Plant identification tomorrow;

2. GIS proposal Project, to redo from the scratch;

3. To redo ALL (well, almost) my drawings during mid-term break;

4. H1N1 – please cover your mouth & nose when you sneeze people. I feel offended when you cough in front of me;

5. effin broadband slow as snail;

My wishlist:

1. Straight A’s;

2. 3Gs *wishful thinking*

3. iHome stereo/alarm clock/iphone-ipod dock;

4. French press. I want Bodum 😛

5.  I wanna watch movies in KK 🙂

6. My magic touch, come back to me!;


2 Comments Add yours

  1. berry says:

    we missed the true blood season2. teda org tempat minta haha. anyway, i change my blog’s title and still thinking to change it lol. bila blk sabah?

  2. anggun3 says:

    hehehe bah nnt kita information-transfer when im back in kk 😛
    wah change blog title eh?

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