Clear Party in Black #clearbareitall

Last friday, a friend of mine invited me to the clear party at Soju Sunway as she got 2 invitation to the said-private party held by Clear Malaysia. We were supposed to wear in black, confidently without the worry of having dandruff on your shoulder. 

To be honest, it was on friday night and i was rushing (as usual), and i didn’t get a chance to wash my hair, and i went to the event with unwashed hair. I am famous for the severe dandruff problem, and i can never use over the counter shampoo without stressing the scalp with chemical. I have to use the prescribed shampoo but i can’t use that often as it dries up my hair. So am alternating my medicated shampoo with the normal shampoo. 

We sat behind the MC of the night and local celebrities, and managed to snap pictures with them 😎 

Khairul-Juliana-Hunny Madu

Us with Juliana and Shahiezy

and then a wefie with Hunny Madu. She’s hot and cool. I like her. 


 Ok cant see clearly but Joe Flizzow performing at the event. 

We go back home with a goodie bag of 2 bottles of Clear shampoo and a cool looking black towel. 

#clearbareitall #clearmalaysia #nothingtohide

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