The long and winding road

It is quite astronomical to maintain your own name domain dot come and not updating it. Haha. Happy 2023 everyone. I know it’s been a while since, my last update here. Well i guess, am living my life and been busy with work, trying to complete the biggest project in my life, yet.

Also, it wasn’t a convenient to write (or blog) from a 10-11 years old macbook pro. It was a pain in the arse and I literally have to wait for hours to open one tab in safari. Anyway, after years of thinking of replacing the old macbook – i finally did it. Gotten the odd size 14inch pros because it has the M1 Max (M2 Max is out as of this writing). Doink you apple.

I will not update much on what is happening in my life here. I prefer the privacy over publicity nowadays. But the thing that I want to update is, one of the long-awaited, the reason why i still am going on in this industry (or probably am in delusion for hoping to keep on going), and finally am reaching the decade years of working experience, I am finally able to get registered myself and am able to attend and to sit for the professional exam.

I did pass my arboriculture certification last year, am hoping I can get through this one too.

It’s been long, winding road, am closer to the door. I just need to brave myself to open the door and walk through it.

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