Pfizer-ed up!

It’s been… almost 5 months since my second dose of Astra Zanecca covid-19 vaccine. I am so far, well and taking the highest precaution not to get infected and spreading to others. Malaysian government recently speeding up and reducing the period of booster shot from 6 months (of AZ) to 3 months and lotsa people getting booster shot appointment via mySJ.

I did not get any appointment. Those taking AZ and taken the doses later than me received the booster dose appointment. .

So i made this issue as priority over the weekend and taklen steps to get it settled. I drove to BV2 at 8.30am today and managed to get myself registered as waitlist for the booster and within half hour of writing down my details to get the appointment, it appear in mySJ app.

Glad it was fast and easy – no long queue and stress as compared to other PPV. It was a smooth process (and probably because of me – early bird catches the worm) managed to avoid the crowd.

Anyway fast forward 12 hours later, side effect is just sore arm (for now…). In the mean time, i am down with litres of water and kitkat!

40hours post-booster:

I feel like i’ve been hit by the lorry again. major side effect to me is low grade fever and extreme fatigue-tiredness and pain around injection site. It wasn’t as extreme as AZ first dose (i was literally shaking- from the chills & banging headache), but it does feel uncomfortable. Muscle pain, joint pain, on and off fever and neverending tiredness, just making my weekend feel blergh.

I hope i will get better tomorrow! got tons of things to do at work tomorrow that i need 1000% efficacy.

So, AstraZanecca doses and pfizer bioNTech booster, hopefully will help preparing my body to fight covid-19 and its variants.

Stay safe everyone & get yourself protected.

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