Hey 2022!

I feel that we are skipping 2 years of our lives. My last memories was 2019! 2020 and 2021 seems vague to me.

2021. It wasn’t too bad. Few accomplishment and milestone achieved. Few setback as well as lockdown. I feel its a 50/50 year so far.

I would like to write a gratitude for the achievement and milestone in life. The first three quarter of the year is just worry, hurdles and lockdown. The good thing happened was just passing the exam and the vacant possession for the strata title i acquired few years ago.

Basically november-december is my only memorable month of 2021. I can’t think or anything before that.

Oh, i got my jab in may & august; raya alone in KL, lockdown and workload combined.

I don’t remember anything in september and october.

Anyway, anything for 2022 resolution? Yes. To live life! To seize the day, to be grateful for everytime I open my eyes, to re-building my emergency fund, to complete renovation and moving in to the new house, and to resume exploring places / travel to place i never been to.

Other than that, hoping for better health, skin, and mind. Got a lot of things to do such as exercise, meditate, time management as well as climbing up career ladder.

Hoping for better 2022 and thank you 2021 for so-called ‘recovering’ year.

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