Becoming a CA

I did embarked in a journey to up-skilling myself with the help (and sponsor) of the office. Managed to registered for 14 days course of arborist certification last year. However, it was postponed a few times due to lockdown and whatnot. Finally, after so many MCO’s and lockdown – the exam was scheduled on December. They announce the exam date early november. Previously, the 14-days crash course to cover 16 (or is it 17) chapters was held in end-march 2020, and exam scheduled on May.

From the postponement of the exam, few lockdowns until november, I did not even flip a page of the guide book. When it was announced in November.. I was like…. F…u…c…k… i die lah, 1 month to catch up things that i’ve forgotten.

Mind you, this is the exam from the US and it is recognised worldwide. There are a few stages in the arboriculture hierarchy but to get into the world of it, i guess to become a certified arborist is the minimum requirement (ok not so minimum, you can be the tree worker as for entering this world).

There are 14 days course locally where they will give lecture and discussion of the topics that included in the exam, but the most important thing is to understand the study guide from cover to cover.

Questions asked are not a direct straight to the point question-answer. Questions are mostly are critical thinking and scenario-based. Personally i think that you need a good damn grasp of American english and to understand the questions properly and the list of answers inclusive but not exhaustively to what you read. Also, you need to have a common sense and logic.

Anyway, most of you will be asking, what is arborist. What do you guys do?

I’ll write about it next time. In the mean time, let me enjoy passing the exam at first attempt-mood.


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