Easy on me

There ain’t no room for things to change

When we are both so deeply stuck in our ways

You can’t deny how hard I have tried

I changed who i was to put you both first

But now I give up

I know adele is writing this song about her marriage, but i am relating this to my job. Sounds funny, no? Sound that it is. Anyway, I was such in dire state yesterday I could write thousands of negative and depressing words (It’s time of the month, hormone gone hay-wire & combined with anxiety-attack). Luckily, when i open wordpress in my 12-13 years old macbook pro’s, the safari ver. Is too old that it can’t even load the wordpress website.

Anyway, not going to rant… but just to share that i am writing this from the tiny rose gold logitech compact keyboard and connected to my ipad air. Ha,ha. Ushering a new year purchase.

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