1st dose AstraZaneca’s Vaxzevria

Hey everyone, it’s day 26 of full lockdown FMCO in Malaysia. I’ve been crazy busy everyday working from home (WFH), which i don’t know if it’s good (keeping me busy) or bad (stressed, and you don’t know when to stop).

Anyway, in May 2021, government has taken out Astra Zaneca vaccine from the national immunization program (Pick) due to backlash & global-scare of the rare blot-clotting side effect & only to be offered as an opt-in/volunteer for residents of Klang Valley. I was sleepless the night before they open for registration due to intense reading & weighing the pro/cons of this.

The next day, on sunday… i decided to register for it. Of course, the online registration is like a battle like buying concert ticket, or grabbing AirAsia free tickets, or registration for subjects in University Malaya (back in my BSc’s year). It was so competitive as it first come first serve basis. To top of that, the system-the website crash & burn due to extremely high volume of traffic.

I was in my macbook, iphone and ipad, trying to press on the date for one hour! At close to 12.57pm, i managed to get my slot, but! I forgot which venue & which date i selected.

Oh, KJ said they will update mysejahtera the next day on your vaccination details. On monday, i refresh my mysejahtera app every 5 mins and no, no confirmation. I was devestated.

When i woke up tuesday morning, i got a msg and my mySJ was updated with the date & venue. Yeay.

it was day 5 of full lockdown that i took grabcar to the WTC PPV just after lunch.

I was early and i got in the front line for my 2.30pm slot.it was – overall, the best and well-managed event/programme by the government. It was in & jab in just 30mins. Another 15mins for observation and am walking towards the exit. It was such a smooth process & i applaud to that.

So, post-vaccination, i was prepared with paracetamol, gallons of water and quick & easy to reach food -ie. bread & canned soup. I was feeling fine dinner time. In fact, i think am more hungry than normal.

3am – 12 hours post-vac, i woke up to a chilly night. It was so cold that i have to turn off the air-con, wear my wool socks, jumper & extra layer of pants. First side effect start with chills & shivering at 3am. I have never been feeling like this since I was a teenager. At 3, it was so cold, uncomfortable and i almost broke down & calling my mom. Even though it was cold, but my body temperature start to rise up, fever creeping in. On top of that, the headache, muscle pain, joint pain & overall uneasiness. I feel like I’ve been hit by a lorry!

Saturday, the whole day i was just lying in bed, unable to move. It was that hit by a lorry-feeling the entire day. I lost my appetite and that made me even weaker. This is 12-24 hours post-vac. But i do drank a lot of water, so frequent visit to the toilet.

The fever is like a roller-coaster. I broke the fever in the morning, then am sweating. An hour after that the fever rise again, and again. It was so, so, uncomfortable.

Oh did i tell you, the pain on the jab itself lasted 5days?

So, 24-48 hours post-vac. I managed to get up and fix myself some food, to brush teeth & shower. Still feeling weak and all that but i push myself through it. I took paracetamol after every meal for 3 days.

By 50 hours post-vac, am feeling myself again. I even managed to do 45mins spin class.

So that was my experience for first dose of AstraZanecca’ Vaxzevria vaccine.

Get yourself vaccinated with whichever earliest available to you. Be safe everyone!


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