Pisang Relay 2014

Ah… it was one the anticipated event in the month of April. It is the only run i have this month. Haha.

Relay was held at Bukit Jalil Recreational Park. Boy it was an undulating run. Each team supposed to complete 6laps (one lap distance is about 2.74km), and 3 of us in a team.

20140427-025931 pm.jpg
The tent & banner

20140427-030221 pm.jpg
cute tee !! Dont say bo jio!! ahaha

20140427-030347 pm.jpg
Few of my colleagues spotted. and one of the guy is a first timer

20140427-030447 pm.jpg
Bongok runner spotted

20140427-030616 pm.jpg
Its bring your own bottle/cup (BYOB). I love this culture but, the setback is they are using polystyrene for d breakfast meehoon. Please use recyclables the next time guys. But anyhow, awesome effort!!

20140427-030840 pm.jpg
Finisher medal front

20140427-031002 pm.jpg
Dont say bo jio

20140427-031147 pm.jpg
Bongok runner’s team. Borneo team. Ex-USM team.

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