It’s tuesday & I just came back from my short trip to KL for the sole purpose of getting the convocation robe & other important items required for the convocation ceremony.
It was rather hectic journey & i end up rushing to everywhere as I was in KL for less than 24 hours or so.
The actual event take place on monday 28th July 08 where the graduates have to collect their graduation stuff prior to the ceremony. The counter scheduled to open at 8.30 am. I arrived at the Examination Building (BP) 40 minutes early & I am already the person no. 991 queue up to get number. It was a rather unpleasant, dreaded event & I am DAMN sure this thing going to happen. Inefficiency, middle name of the university.
Every year, thousands student going to graduate & participating in the convocation ceremony but still no active approach to overcome the problem. Typical university.
Anyway, I met plenty of course mate during the event & got to hang out with Shanaz as she was down in KL just to collect the stuff for her & Sumi.

After the event, I managed to squeeze in ‘rush’ shopping & bought myself the ever-fugly mary-jane crocs in red ruby. ew ew.

I can’t never imagine myself wearing crocs.. and here i am, with a pair of red crocs.
Ew. ew.
owh, and I managed to get the discounted AX tee from the Gardens. teeeheee.

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  1. Anne says:

    Eh Ida!!!! I got the same suede crocs, but mine is black. I wear them for clinics and surgeries – the rubbery soles help sooth my foot. A bit ugly though, but it’s comfy if I’d to stand for long hours. haha

    Anyway, congratulations on your graduation =)

  2. anggun3 says:

    awww really?? i wanted to buy black but the store running out of my size. so gotta opt for red then 😦
    yep indeed it is comfy but fugly.

    thanks! wish u wud be around KL ard 7th august, then u can come to my convocation. anyway, will upload the pictures later then 🙂

  3. Anne says:

    Yeah.. huhu, I wish I could see you in the robe “formally”. Idaaaa.. cepat nya masa berlalu. Remember the first time we met at KML? OMG, that was almost five years ago. Time really flies. I dont want to grow old!!!! Huhuhu…

    Haha, let’s wear our Crocs together gether. Maybe I will upload my Crocs picture too. I took the picture the first thing I bought it and I totally forgot about the picture. I thought Crocs sell really comfy shoe, but pity it doesnt come in halves. Otherwise I would have gotten a really good comfy pair of Crocs, but have to make do with a 6 although I’d wish for a 6.5. Huhu.

    Take care =)

  4. anggun3 says:

    ha ha not to worry. I will post the picture once I get the photos done.
    Yeah, the first time we met at KML! That was ages ago & you are my first (including Azirah & Sharon) room mates ever! and we just looove to bug you and drag you to town with us, remember that? LOL.

    Yep, come back to KK (or KL) and we can go out wearing our crocs together. Well put up the croc pic in your blog then! I wanna see! hehehe 🙂

    Hmm .. or may be I could visit you. Good idea! 🙂

  5. Gerry Kong says:

    Hi there.. just wear nicely and be cheerful and go to the studio nearest. i think all the way near the convo sure got many outdoor studio de. haha..
    remember to buy the softcopy.

  6. anggun3 says:

    so Gerry do you have a studio where I can go to and take studio picture with my parents? oh that’s too typical. any better place to suggest? 🙂

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