It’s a Waste!


I will be away from Kota Kinabalu the whole week of next week (note: Monday to Saturday) as I will be flying to Labuan for a field work/site assessment for oil & gas scheduled waste & then off to KL for my convocation ceremony.

I am terribly nervous going to the field as I am not really prepared mentally to adopt to the oil & gas environment; let alone assessing the chemical spill, types of scheduled waste and so on.

Argh. And the remaining day of the week, I am pack with my two on-going Projects. I have submitted the draft report for the mixed development to the client and I am preparing the reply-complaint letter for another Project. 

I am terribly busy. I got no time to wash my graduation robe & argh! I got to go to the nearest studio and take picture as that would be the typical routine for the graduates upon receiving their scroll.

Isn’t it?

I have no idea. Please help me!

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