Sex and The City


I have never been a fan of the Sex and the City series (due to not really, really watching the series from the very beginning) and thank god for that! No offense people! I’m pretty much easily get addicted to series like the mentioned. My loss for not being in the hype & crazy over the series, storyline, haute couture & the NY life. 🙂

But hey! Its not too late to love the series! Ha,ha. I just watched the movie & I find myself in tears in a couple of scenes. Give me a break! I’m a girl too. I am allowed to get sappy & tearful over a couple of scenes, so.. :p
After the movie, I find that:
1. I fall in love with Mr Big character. I want my own Mr. Big *grin*
2. The story-line is pretty much like a fantasy reality. Oh how I love when Big proposed to Carrie with a blue Melono Blahnik but at the same time, yep, everyone can get rejected & brokenhearted. That is part of life.
3. I just love the soundtrack. I love the new Fergie’s Labels or Love song, Jennifer Hudson’s All Dressed Up In Love as well as old track being re-mix into house-easy listening such as Nina Simone-The Look of Love.
4. oh yeah! apple all the way! macbook pro. iphone. All the edgy-gadget in the movie 🙂

Which reminds me to get the see-thru hard shell cover for my Macbook. I drop by the shop selling Apple products & came across the guy i fight/flirt with over the apple products. So today I made a bet with him: If I’m not getting Leopard by September, I’m dead. LOL.
By few discussion with one Apple enthusiast, I decided to choose black case for my macbook. Reason? I own a white AND black Macbook! LOL. How cool is that?
Anyway, I love other color as well… lime green, purple as well as pink. awww.

Incase Hardshell for Macbook in black

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  1. dokter says:


    how much RM the Incase Hardshell? where you buy?

    1. anggun3 says:

      hey… if i’m not mistaken, i bought the incase hardshell from technocrats 1borneo for 100+ MYR. Well if u are not in Sabah, u can always can buy it from any apple retailer i.e. switch, machines, etc

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