Why So Serious?


Ha.ha. Good tag-line. Why so serious?
I just came back from watching ‘Dark Knight’ at GSC 1Borneo. Alone.
Yep. I had my ‘me’ time just now. Watching the movie alone. nyehehe.
Anyway, I love the movie unfold. I love the Batman character. I love the Joker acting.

Heath Ledger / The Joker

I just looove the special effect especially when Batman trying to capture Mr Lau, the chinese business accountant from the building in HK and when the Joker’s trailer went upside-down (and suddenly everything become quiet) scene. Ha.ha.
When it comes to super-hero, I choose Batman over other superhero i.e. those wearing undies outside etc. I just love the Bruce Wayne/Batman character ever since I was little.
Yep, at one point, I said I want to marry to the Batman.
.. and that statement still true until now. mwhahahaha.

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  1. tejaswy says:

    Nice blog,Nice theme, Impressive, I will be using the same theme as yours ….Hope you don’t mind

    Why So Serious????

  2. anggun3 says:

    hahah thanks! yeah, feel free to use theme by the Ben & Chris. I’ve been using it since eternity 🙂
    simple and yet, sleek theme. 🙂

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