It was a staycation and celebrating Penang friend birthday over the weekend. On top of that, i managed to squeeze in time to attend a charity dinner at Sunway in attendance to my unavailable colleague. 

Pictures speak a thousand words, am capturing and sharing part of it, to share the happiness with the world.   

Duplex Sweet Suite

 Purple mosaic tiles for feature shower wall 

It was a pink theme birthday celebration


Aloft is amazing. Chic and funky concept and design of W Hotel. I can’t wait for WHotel to open in Malaysia  
 We were chillin at the pavilion as d pool is closed and it was raining


Level rooftop cubic sign   
 This was taken after their morning dip at the pool. Am just at the pool lounger and taking their photos/videos

Lobby cubic sign

 The hashtag #aloftkls #spglife   

Charging station and bean bag at lobby!! 

 Colors and pattern. Lovely.

This is an infinity pool

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