Wish and well

The worse person you could expect, way beyond your expectation is the one that captured my heart. I would like to write about a person, who is unavailable but fit nicely to an image to what i have in mind, that i can bring back to my parents and say, he is the one for me, and your daughter would be blessed for life. 

He is short with long hair, listen to rock and roll, and metal songs but never miss friday prayers. He is quiet and has such a warmed smile that can melt butter in the pan. you can see he is very dedicated with his work, and knows how to design and lead the project. He’s attentive and considerate, he is down to earth and has fatherly figure. He looks quite young but he can lead a family. 

It warm my heart to see such photos, and i wish i was his wife. But too bad he’s unavailable. I wish him and his family with lotsa blessing from God, and unconditional love swirling around the family. 

Dear God, please protect them and watch over them, and let good health, happiness, and good fortune always for them. Amen. 

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