Under Armour Challenge 3 (Malaysia)

Hi everyone! I just came back from the Under Armour Challenge 3 at Gtower gym just now. Yes, am terribly exhausted from all the challenge and the hype. LOL. 

My friend and i signed up for the 6pm session which consist on the following WOD:

50 wall ball, and squat down. in my case- i did the 10lbs ball;

50 deadlifts, 15lbs plate on each side; 

50 knee raise, ok this is tough because my hand already slippery & i didn’t really expect this much; and last 

30 box jump. AFAP. 

Ha, ha. Yes i slow down on the knee raise, and am on my 40 rep and times up! 

My friend and i


8 minutes more before the first session start


Trying out

 Showing how to do the wall ball, and eye candy in front *melt*








 Second and third batch of the first session. I was in the first batch. Matai.


 Then i met Nana. She’s cool, and hot!

   and briefing on the second session







   *mata love*

and then i met Peter *mata love-love* 

And we got goodie bag 🙂 

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