I’m away

It’s sunday again, and I can’t wait to start the new week again. It’s coming to the end of June, in which the due date for me staying at this sink hole. I am anticipating, the new breathe of air, the new environment. New hope, and new ambition, in the same old city. I did…

Hypertrophy-specific training (HST)

It’s day 6 of Ramadan and am still going strong. This is the toughest Ramadan so far, in term of keeping my head sane, letting go, healing, moving places, keeping up with the workload as well as maintaining my workout regime. I just came back from the gym today. I did the hypertrophy training today….


hey ya everyone, its sahur in KL now. am up so very early to eat and start my fasting. It’s day 5 of fasting in this ramadhan, i’ve completed 5days so far without any interuption (you know what i mean). It’s time for self-reflection again which i havent done in so many months, or perhaps…

Melt away

There are some vivid dreams, a day dream and the sweet nightmare that occured due to my conscious mind playing a mental picture. I don’t know if this is the way i bounce back to the cold-hard truth of my life but, it was a sweet sweet reverie.  Amazingly i can remember until now. But…

A dot com

Finally, my own dot com. alhamdulillah. Another milestone for me. Next is uploading my password-protected resume and portfolio in my new page, so as the time, or anytime, i’ll have my current and updated resume/portfolio. Talk about personal branding.  Anyway, i have another wordpress site called livingearthscape.wordpress.com that mainly created for my MSc ecology-ish subjects….

Sabah earthquake 2015

it was rather, the unexpected event. I woke up early last friday and, to my surprise am leaving the house as early as 7.15am. Few minutes after that, i got a call from my dad, asking me how is KL, any tremor. I said, err..no. Then he told me that he felt the earth moving…

A pray 

Dear God,  Please tell me what should i do next. Please take this misery out of me. Dear God, i beg you to show me the way, end this heart ache.  For i have sinned, and constantly asking for your forgiveness