Sabah earthquake 2015

it was rather, the unexpected event. I woke up early last friday and, to my surprise am leaving the house as early as 7.15am. Few minutes after that, i got a call from my dad, asking me how is KL, any tremor. I said, Then he told me that he felt the earth moving just now. The nearby flat neighbour running down to the ground etc. i was like, dumbfounded. Okay. De javu. It’s Nepal all over again.

Then i google on the earthquake and yes, it was like 6M and d tremor can be felt the entire Sabah. Then my mom called me afterwards, and told me about the tremor.

It got me worry because that friday, am flying back to KK for kenduri and my dad belated birthday. Like, am flying back to the earthquake prone area.

I flew back to KK that night, and arrived 12.30am saturday morning. Being a deep sleeper, i cant feel anything but at 1.30pm there were another major aftershock. I was in the car and can’t feel a thing. Again, dad call me on my whereabout. I said am in the car and my mon is in d bakery shop.

Well, it’s sad to hear the rising deathtoll at the peak of the mountain. Kudos and gratitute to the guides, they are the little angels send by God to rescue the helpless and stranded hikers.

The whole of Sabah will be mourning tomorrow and i will be wearing black to work.

God bless Sabah and her people. I love em too much.

Sabah Tanah Airku.

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