A dot com

Finally, my own dot com. alhamdulillah. Another milestone for me. Next is uploading my password-protected resume and portfolio in my new page, so as the time, or anytime, i’ll have my current and updated resume/portfolio. Talk about personal branding. 

Anyway, i have another wordpress site called livingearthscape.wordpress.com that mainly created for my MSc ecology-ish subjects. It’s quite dormant now, and i’ll just leave it as it is. I will create and expand it later when i want to write about landscape architecture and sort, and this will be mainly about my life. 

Welcome to the new readers, i don’t normally advertise my site to my social media, in fact i barely connect all of it together and traffic to this site only come when they google something on the relevant issues/topics. 

Nothing much happening to me this few weeks, apart from the ultimatum and me cutting out all the connection, am recovering. I spend more me time, sleeping sufficiently, workout diligently, working half-heartedly. Oh well. This is part of my life when am at the lowest. Need to get back to the top and be myself again. 

am waiting for 72hours for the site to establish and sort out at all search engine, and also domain mapping. Am talking gibberish here. So, sit back, relax and enjoy. You can press subscribe button for more lightning fast notification once i updated this site, or you can just bookmarked it. 

Oh btw, once am moving in to new place where i’ll be getting my own kitchen, i’ll be introducing new blogpost to this site, where i’ll be blogging about my #eatclean journey, as well as creating new recipe. You know i always improvise everything. Salmon and maggie mee, kau ada? 😂 

I’ll be the next @chrissyteigen and i’ll be blogging about my journey of weight training and to be the next @agnezmo 

No photos yet, as am still in cutting phase, wait till i get over this cutting phase, i’ll start photoblog journey once i’m bulking phase.

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