Melt away


There are some vivid dreams, a day dream and the sweet nightmare that occured due to my conscious mind playing a mental picture. I don’t know if this is the way i bounce back to the cold-hard truth of my life but, it was a sweet sweet reverie. 

Amazingly i can remember until now. But today was not a dream. Today is real. I don’t know if i read the body language wrongly, which is very impossible but crossing hands, rubbing shoulder and entering my personal space, sent me to cloud nine. I can’t concentrate on the technical items that the engineer explained to me. I can’t stand on my feet that i need at least one metre sunken planter box. My heartbeat increased exponentially, my cheek flushed, i feel hot even though there’s fan blowing from my back. 

Was it surreal? It was. Was it intentionally? I don’t know, but body leaning towards me, feet pointing towards me, taking pencil from my hand, or rather i lend it, got me excited. 

I am way beyond happy. I never felt like this for years. Even if it’s just a moment. Even it’s just for one touch. I am trapped in reverie. 

Oxytocin shoot up inside of me, like am in euphoria. In a cloud of reverie. 

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