I’m away

It’s sunday again, and I can’t wait to start the new week again. It’s coming to the end of June, in which the due date for me staying at this sink hole. I am anticipating, the new breathe of air, the new environment. New hope, and new ambition, in the same old city. I did my last batch of laundry at the self-service laundry shop today, I sent my car for the last car wash here ( i hope I can wash my own car after this), and disassemble one furniture. I am planning to take clothes that am going to bring to the new place once I get the keys this wednesday, and taking the rest of the stuff on saturday. It’s going to be a busy week. I have sungkai appointment on monday, tuesday and thursday appointment with my personal trainer, meeting the landlord and agent on wednesday appointment, and friday company sungkai together. Oh gosh, I hope I have time to disassemble the rest of the furniture by friday night.

Apart from that, I am accustomed to having dinner or break fast alone. I have been having my meal alone since day one of ramadan. Nothing to moan and groan about, I sulk it up and be a man. I am fine, being alone. I am used to do my own stuff, I don’t need friends or anyone to have meal together. I am the person that brave enough to walk in to any restaurant and get a table for one. I am brave enough to go to the cinema and watch the movie alone.

Anyway, I got nothing else to update, I have been spending time with myself, am beginning to feel at peace. I am beginning to grasp myself, to be totally in control of my own self, and my self-awareness, and self-love.

I am okay. I am fine now. Everything happened for a reason, and am sure God put me in this situation so that I will be stronger, and better. Okay, need to sleep early, wake up early for sahur and work tomorrow.

Good night everyone, and have a nice week ahead.

Blessed Ramadan and stay hydrated.

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  1. Happy Ramadan to you babe! Cheers~ 🙂

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