New home

Hello everyone, it’s Monday again and how’s everyone weekend so far? Good hopefully. I had a hectic weekend of settling down to new place. It started on friday, that I supposed to have 2 meetings in the morning, and suddenly the new project meeting got cancelled. So i just went to the usual friday meeting. I rushed back to do final packing and to dismantle few furniture that I am selling it off to my colleague. Phew it was, tiring but I managed to do it before the lorry come. So the moving process start from there where the lorry came half hour late, and I have 2 destination to go, and I should be at the new place before 5pm before the management office closed. Phew. I have to go through 3 securities and management offices.

Anyway, that day itself, I have sungkai buffet at gtower with the office and the vendor. Urgh. It was 6.30pm and I was drenched in sweat. Quickly showered and my colleague pick me up and we went to the makan place in one car.

I came back home, and unpack half of my stuff except for the boxes of clothes. Saturday morning, I clean up everything again, did some groceries shopping at the supermarket behind the apartment, and cook my dinner !!


Just my normal dish, I fried chicken breast with nandos super extra hot sauce and greens with oyster sauce.


Tadaaa. after than, I continue unpacking the rest of the boxes. Ah. Dead tired.

The next morning, almost to lunchtime, I went to ikea for furniture and kitchen stuff shopping. Yeah, previously, I only have one mug, one plate, one set of cultery, and one knife. LOL. So, am buying some more. I have pot and pan, but I don’t have coriander, apron and so forth.


My ikea basket. basket? lol.

Oh i cooked breakfast earlier… of omelette, and coffee.


Okay, and I cooked dinner too last night. I felt like having fried rice, but I don’t have rice cooker yet. So I took the challenge of cooking rice without the rice cooker… and tadaaa


You can cook rice in the normal pan. In my case I only have sauce pan with lid, and you can cook it with the normal rice cooking rule of thumb.


seeee… and it’s brown rice. 🙂


Am quite luxurious with my add-on, but one thing for sure, in all my cooking, i’ll put my dried prawn from sabah. That can bring in the flavour.


… and dinner is served. I woke up early today, and I managed to reheat the rice, and cook it with another egg, make coffee, watch aljazeera, showered, toilet, getting ready and am out of the studio by 6.50am. Am in the office by 7.10am. phew.

Have a great week ahead guys !!

p/s: Feature image is my new arabic-scandinavian twist pattern. It matches with my cushion cover. Ahaha.


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