Hypertrophy-specific training (HST)

It’s day 6 of Ramadan and am still going strong. This is the toughest Ramadan so far, in term of keeping my head sane, letting go, healing, moving places, keeping up with the workload as well as maintaining my workout regime. I just came back from the gym today. I did the hypertrophy training today.

I started the day with waking up late, I didn’t sahur this morning. I went to work a lil bit late today as compared to the past 5 days. I got a co-ordination meeting with the main building works contractor at the client office at Sri Hartamas in the afternoon. After the meeting, I got about 2 hours to kill before sungkai, so I came back home and take a nap and drove to the Gardens at 7pm for sungkai. Luckily I managed to get a table for one at the Absolute Thai. I was at the Bangsar Village 1 last weekend, wanted to have thai food but to my disappointment, it was full house. So, I went for menado food at Telawi area. Anyway, dinner was good. My tummy burns from the hot basil beef with rice and sunny side up, and I ordered tom yam seafood for one. Basil and tom yam enough to keep the stomach burns after a day without food. It wasn’t spicy to the mouth but you can feel it working and burning inside the stomach.  I ended up my dinner with a brewed coffee. My trainer text me that she can’t make it for 8.30pm training because her client that earlier than me, was late for her workout session. So she said to shift it to 9pm. I said, am okay since am already there.

I started off with 20mins cycling as I can’t run on treadmill. I’ll be puking out all the food I eaten before if I do. Ha,ha. We started off the training with leg press with 3 different weight resistance. I started off with 60kg for 15 rep, 70kg for 10 rep, and 50kg for 20 rep. After that, I did the 10kg plate with squat for 4 sets with 15 rep each. I did the chest to bar pull up with 10kg bar bell for 4 sets too, with 10-15 rep each.

By then, am dead tired. My stomach still burning from the tom yam, as well as the body is digesting whatever I have eaten before. It was very, very uneasy feeling.

Next up was, walking uphill on treadmill for 5 minutes, with speed of 6.0 and gradient of 4.0. 60 second of 8kg kettle ball swings and 40 seconds planking for 2 sets respectively.I can do more than 40 seconds of planking but my trainer said, am tired from the fasting, hence, am really shaking while trying to endure those painful 40 seconds plank. and the last training was for the abs. 10kg plate for sit up, leg raise and side crunch touching your toe for 15 reps, 3 sets.

You see, am not using my maximum weight for each workout. I can do heavier weight for squat and all those, but today we’re concentrating on the hypertrophy training, periodically exercising at higher reps produces lactic acid which prepares the muscles and tendons for future heavy loads. Basically, am gradually reduce the number of reps per set to accommodate the ever increasing load. I hope this can induce or accelerate muscle growth.

The picture shows goodies received from FF. Mind you, this is not a paid blog post, am writing it based on my sole experience and viewpoint. I got another 10% off for the PT package if I managed to complete 2 PT session during fasting month. You see, most people will freeze their membership during the month but I said, I’ll continue. I think its easier to do cutting during this month as am only eating 1 or 2 times a day. So, I can count and restrict my calories. I try to eat clean but I am dang hungry after that. I tried salmon and salad for sungkai at the first day of fasting and am hungry at 9pm again. Luckily I bought a low fat yogurt – mango flavoured. I survived on that, until sahur the next day. I ate nasi kerabu ayam dara that I bought from bazaar ramadan yesterday, and eating halfway, I feel damn guilty about it. Shouldn’t buy anything from bazaar anymore. It tempt me to buy kuih2 as i loooove kuih like the kuih tepung pelita, onde-onde, and even murtabak.. but it’s all sugar, flour and oil. Am trying to avoid all that. Urgh.

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