Be original

This is a shout out to whoever people out there. I am grateful that you idolize me, and I don’t mind at all since am recommending things here, i share about my likes, what I do and passionate about but there are limit. Not to the point where you want to copy the whole of me. From what I like to do the most i.e. joining running whatever, travelling places,  to going to the place where I always hang out i.e. coffee place, juice bar etc, up to things I buy,  shoes, my favorite labels, to my CAR, to what ever things lah. Be inspired to what I studied, say, think but you are not me. and will NOT be me. You and me are different people. So stop copying.

Maybe we have some mutual interest and sort, but I have observed you for years, and I can’t help but to feel happy for you that you have becoming a better person, but don’t let that to be somebody you are not. You are you, and I am me.

Yes, I tolerated a lot. I share my views and whatever things here, and my other social media but, please be original.


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