Mardi-Maeps Trail Run 2015


This would be my first trail run this year. Ya, i slow down a lot this year. Seriously a lot, and only join selective run. Just because everyone is into running hype now, and by that event organizers increasing fees to all their heart wants, and still everyonr will pay. Even charity run are expensive, don’t talk about measured and AIMS qualified events. Anyway, am not as eager to join ALL running events anymore because some doesn’t serve the purpose anymore. #justsaying 

For trail run, apart from killer TMBT trail, Mardi-Maeps is my second favourite route, just because it’s hilly and its still in KL. i never stop joining and supporting the event, this is my third year with the event now. I supposed to run 18km today but since i never run for a long time, and am scared shit, no training etc, so i swipe with my friend. So i ran 12km and he ran my 18km. I fast walk most of the time and technical run downhill, the rest is just walk. There’s a few bottleneck just now, and some runner ran in the wrong route because 18km and 12km path keep on branching out from each other, and eventually merge back again. The good effort by the organizer is that, there are not providing any paper cup at water station, and if runner wants to drink, they BYOC/B or just refill own bottle/hydration bladder. 

Am not good at reporting/race report, am not a reporter but this year is quite tough and mostly the route is meant for hiking. That’s my thought. It’s okay though, there are few killer hills that literally kill my right knee and left calf. The elevation for 12km can be seen below. I copy the image from the official fb page of the event, so credit to them.   

Yep. Elevation speaks a thousand words. I managed to complete the run in 2 hours and half. I fast walk most of the time. I have to practice my lungs to get used to the run and elevation, as a preparation for my upcoming TMBT. So i treat this as my pre-race towards TMBT.   

Apart from that, am down with DOMS now. DOMS stand for delayed onset muscles soreness. It should start the day after, but yesterday was crazy workoug and pump at the gym. 2 hours of interval training and weight training that starts my DOMS today, combining with the post-run soreness, am sofa-ridden now. Am wearing my compression socks for recovery and the tightness of the socks really helps to reduce the soreness. 

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