I woke up late this morning. argh! I supposed to drop by ABX before noon as today is saturday ( I assume they only open in the morning). I managed to settle everything before 12pm. Phew. Accoding to the ABX guy, my documents will transit in KL tomorrow and monday morning the document will be at the university in Penang.weeee!

Here is the thing, closing date for postgrad application for that particular university was yesterday. Okay, it was actually loosely define as online application closing date on the 27th february 2009. I submitted my application in January but I have yet to send the processing fees & other required certificates copies to them. I’m hoping that online application closed on the 27th but people can still send the hard copy after that (or is it required to submit all (online and hard copies) before 27th?

I’m hoping for the otherwise. My application goes thru in January but the hard copies will arrived this monday and still acceptable. 🙂 *cross fingers*

I watch Street Fighter at GSC 1Borneo today too. I don’t want to review the movie, go see it yourself (bad sign).

I splurge on top for work today. I bought 2 from mng (gosh i hate this shop for being the only one that sells so-so clothing line in KK and still with (so-so) reasonable price. I tried on one so-called dress (pic below) and I love how it fit nicely to my body. But I didn’t get it as it soooooo not worth the money!



Other than that, my anterior thigh, hamstring, gluteals muscles and abdomen hurts! I can’t even sneeze, my abs terribly in pain. wargh. Looking at the bright side, the workout last nite works! 🙂 

I’m gonna stay home tonight. Need to relax those muscles.

Oh Kart flying off to ozzie tomorrow *sad* but early congrats on yr graduation! kalau kebaya nda jadi, beli yang pasang-siap yah kart! 🙂 

p/s: have you all watched slumdog millionaire? ah nice movie 🙂 eh, curious case of benjamin button not bad too. Mr Pitt looks so muda in the movie. Younger than in Meet Joe Black. eh? Is he getting younger & younger like Benjamin? LOL.

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  1. mamadou says:

    Hi Anggun

    A great blog, good writing and idea. And hope you will accepted for your post graduate study.


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