I need a miracle :)

  • My referee report from my professor arrived today! finally! weeeeee tomorrow I’m going to go to the ABX to submit my ever-late application. 
  • I had the worse cramp after BLT (bums, legs & tums) class today. I need NF to push my right foot in order to make it better. argh. 
  • I’m still not used to s60 environment & I’m astonished I can customized the homescreen. I’m starting to love E-series. eff u N-series! :p
  • Happy with the new purchase. Was in the meeting today & I’m in par with them (gadget-wise only ler). i.e. the resident architect = x1, QC = HTC touch HD, QS = e71, to name a few.
  • 36 hours of overtime this month. woooh!
  • I just realised that most of my stuff are in white: white macbook, white iPod, white heels, white ikea mug, white leather, white E-series, white white white. I should live in colors sometime too forgodsake! 😛
  • I can’t wait March! 🙂 I love March (hint hint)
  • I have sign up with CF for quarter of 2009! wooh! bring it on fit body!
  • I’ve been sick with acute poisoning for the past 5 days. I fought over with the doctor for the second opinion. urgh. Lucky he’s cute, or else I show the eff finger. hahahaha.
  • I develop crush on the son-of-who. Whoa, I get a smily face everytime he sees me *melts* 
  • Need to buy canon lens before they mark up the canon products up to 10% next month (according to the fotomat guy)
  • I can’t wait for my application result! 🙂 


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