Google Data Centre Screenshot / iLike

Yep. Google data centre is my NEW clock wallpaper! I downloaded it from my favourite wallpaper website Vlad Studio ! I listed this website in my blogroll too, so anyone want to browse their wallpaper & clock wallpaper, do check out the website. I’ve been using their wallpaper for my computer since donkey years. ROFL.

Here’s the screenshot of my cute wallpaper.


Do check out my new blog header too! It is a picture of my mac & a toffee nut muffin (Note: Damz itu bukan nasi lah. ha.ha. doink!).

iTunes playlist
Okay, these are tunes that I listen to everyday & listed as iDa iLike in my iPod:

1. Touch My body – Mariah Carey (Horrible, but very addictive)

2. Paris – Yael Naim (Beautiful! in french. *de Par-giss~. *cough.LOL)

3. Sleep Deprivation – Simian Mobile Disco (Electro music from UK. I love it when Versace using this music to their Spring/Summer 2008 fashion show. i LOVE the catwalk & the ATTITUDE! (: )

4. Me & Mrs Jones – Michael Buble (I can’t get ‘enuff of him!)

5. Hurry up – Che’nelle (KK-born, Virgin Records artist is the next RiRi!)

6. Anyone else but you – The Moldy Peaches (Let’s go indie baby! This is one of the track in Juno OST)

7. More Time – Needtobreathe (One of the song in PS I Love You. nice!)

8. Ruby, My Dear – Thelonious Monk (He’s the greatest! This is one of my favourite)

9. New Soul – Yael Naim (The French-Israeli singer/songwriter first single featured in the Macbook Air ad! catchy too!)

10. This Masquerade – George Benson (Who can resist the best Jazz guitarist cum R&B singer? Perfect combination)

11. Naima – John Coltrane (The most respectful American Jazz Saxophonist/composer. Naima simply brings you to the wonderland)

12. Love – Matt White (~uh uh looooove; i just want it to be love..)

13. Sleeps with butterflies – Tori Amos (It reminds me of sleeping with butterflies. ha ha)

14. Piece of me – Britney Spears (Hey, its catchy! I love the attitude too!)

15. Tequila Sunrise – Cypress Hill (This is one of the evergreen old school!)

16. Cry me a river – Diana Krall (better than Timberlake with the same title no?)

I do have 65 songs in my iLike playlist. and thousands of songs in my entire library. Do you expect me to list down everything here no? LOL. :p

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