Lets workout baby!

I just came back from the City Mall. I used up my free pass entry today! I have yet to settle down my bill & officially becoming a member. At first I was kind of nervous because I kind of forgot how to use those machines (including the air glider & the treadmill, LOL), and worse when it comes to the weights. I’m used to the Cybex machines & this fitness centre is using another machines manufacturer. Not that its totally different, it is the same actually but well you know me, I’m being complicated again. Ha.ha.

Anyway, I did a half an hour cardio and one and a half hour on the weights. Seriously the cardio doesn’t really sweat me out. Perhaps I shall increase the level up to the more than average. lol. On the other hand, I struggle so hard to carry weight especially when it involves muscles around my upper torso. I struggle on arm press or anything that require my upper limbs. I can’t even do 15 rep for a 5kg weight. sob sob.

But when it comes to lower torso, haaa! I can do even 50 kg. LOL. No kidding!
I still remember my former trainer telling me how strong my legs are and how weak my upper limbs are. sigh. Guess it’s still true.

Anyway, trainer named Jason orientate me to the machines. Thanks to him! 🙂
Oh, and I guess I’m the only girl in the centre that carry weights. All other women were either at the cardio area or the yoga/pilates/body pump etc.

I’m dead tired now. Tomorrow I’m going to my project site! Gotta charge my camera as a back up. Hopefully my colleague charge the GPS device too. 🙂

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