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It’s 7.30 pm and I just reached home. Yep. It’s been raining since 3 pm until now & caused a massive traffic jam at Lintas road, Tuaran road, those Inanam area etc. I can’t even go out of the office area due to the road being flooded & traffic jam as well. I took the Luyang/Damai road to go back home as it was not as jam as going back via Tuaran/Tuaran by-pass road. I think my colleagues still stranded in the office due to the road leading to Inanam, other part of Kolombong, Telipok area being inundated.  

Only those hilux or lorry able to get through the water. If you are driving sedan, don’t even dream of passing that area. Even one of my colleague living 5 minutes away from the office can not go thru the massive jam & flood. Lucky I managed to go back home in just 20 minutes & without any traffic jam. 🙂

Anyway, another experience being on the road happened this morning. Traffic officer standing on the side of the road stopped me & signal me to pull over. I was kind of shocked. As upon reaching the officer, I slowed down & I was driving on the left lane. Suddenly 1 guy approached me & asking where I come from and where do I want to go. I said I’m from home on the way to work. He asked me again where is home & where is office; I replied, “Oh, from Likas to Kolombong. Why? Any problem?” Then he said, “No, miss. We’re only doing research”. Dang! 

I went to the site too today with another executive & a technician. We were just about to take pictures & do some research on the existing landuse, identify species of flora & fauna, water bodies around the area or flowing to the area, the boundaries etc. We did survey on the settlement/ business/etc within 1 km radius from the Project site. Ah.

Another problem dealing with the government officer. Yep, it is our fault that we did not bring any identification (name card etc) or even an official letter to enter the area. We were sent to different department in order to get green light to do the site assessment. sigh. Finally, I talked to the head of civil engineer there to ask for permission. Even that require him a couple of hours just to say Yes. Sigh.

Another funny encounter was when the head of engineer gave a green light to us, he then asked his staff to handle us. I think another junior engineer or something. So I explained what we want to do around the area etc to him so he would know what to do etc. The funny thing was when I told him we want to get the GPS readings for certain points. He then asked, “How are you going to do that?using a compass?”. I was like, shocked and said calmly, “no sir, we’re going to use the electronic GPS device. We’re using Garmin.” Ha.Ha. He even asked us to teach him how to use it. LOL. 

The eTrex Garmin navigator

Beforehand, we already surveyed the south side and east side of the Project site because those area are either their staff quarters (south) or hil (east). Though that piece of land belong to them; we kind of trespassing the area but no one give a damn about it. The official letter then faxed by my colleague straight to the engineer office is just for the formality. LOL.

I’m dead tired & starving now. Such a nice, happening day today.

I had fun. 🙂  

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