Ha ha. I wanted to post this photo in my facebook but it’s too much boobs showing, hence I’m posting it in my blog (Yeah I’m a lil bit cuckoo), my facebook is definitely private but my blog is surely open for public to google on me.

I should be sleeping by now, but I’m totally engossed in lightroom, adjusting exposures and vibrances for few of my photo. It’s been a while since I last cam-whoring. Yep, I am getting old and those cam-whoring feels like a kiddish thing now to me.

But I can’t help to take absolute sexay photos of me. There are a lot more but it is for my eyes only. Ha ha. nothing fancy like Paris’ video though. Please don’t expect me to do a video like that. Hahahaha. This is just to capture the 26 years old me, while I’m still gorgeous (bluerghhh), and before those fine wrinkles appear, I shall capture my youth.

Omigosh. I kinda hate this kind of post, it’s soo self-absorbed. Pardon me for posting as such, but I got to self-sooth myself with this. This is one of the self-remedy for my poor heart. At least I still have myself to depends on, and I am contented with what and who I am.


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  1. sbonjamin says:

    Hey Ida… Nice boob btw! It’s so hard not to notice.. 😉
    Til this very day, I still follow your blog once in a while. It’s one of the few blogs that I always end up visiting coz I already remember the URL by heart! lolz.. Anyways, I’ve just started blogging actively about my little business that my husband currently runs called Voodoo Sticker Grafix. I’ve created this back in 2009 but abandoned (shame on me) it for 2 years and now, I really-REALLY need to create more valuable content to my blog… Oh, I’d like to ask your permission to add you in my Blogroll, if that’s ok with you..
    Thanks dear… and stay fabulous! 😉

    1. anggun3 says:

      Hey sally! glad that you are still following my blog. U r one loyal reader. *hugs*. Glad to know that you’ll start back on the blogging, and the business. That’s awesome. How I wish I have time to activate my precloset tumblr too. I just can’t find time to actually do it. Maybe, sometime soon 🙂
      Oh definitely you can add me in you blogroll. I’d be glad to add yours in my blogroll too 🙂

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