Ah I love you like a love song baby

I HATE this song, by Selena Gomez but I can’t get it out of my mind for the past few days. So in the end, I sing along to the song, and I can’t stand the annoying Jennifer Lopez I’m into you song. Sound awful.

Anyway, I was depressed this weekend. Just because I missed home so much, yeah I ain’t going to deny it. I am homesick. Probably because I spent the weekend on solitary makes me think of KK and all that. I went to the 1st Avenue alone to watch Harry Potter and then bought a sexy slip on black dress from Cotton On. It feels so sexy to wear underneath. Yep. I love the silky material. Imma gonna buy few sexy lingerie from the shop soon too since it’s so cheap as compared to La Senza (and that my membership expired, so I have to buy some amount of lingerie from the shop to renew my membership). I practically spent my saturday night in the room. Feeling depressed and falling asleep from feeling depressed. Oh, I played tennis game with my new tennis group. I play single with one of the lady’s daughter. I’m gonna have a weekly tennis game with the group. Probably every wednesday. How awesome is that. They are in their 40’s/50’s and they play good tennis. Inviting me and asked for my number during the MASUM training.

I woke up late on sunday morning, showered and heading to Penang St’s Villa Vello for banana leaf rice with a friend. At least lunch made me smile and went back to the room, and sleep. I had my tennis lesson at bayswater tennis court today too.

Oh I can’t wait to move in to bayswater soon! (wishful thinking, deep wishful thinking). Or maybe to move in to Platino’s. I love the infinity pool and the shelter cum observatory deck. So, chiq! I managed to observe on how they arrange the trees around the area. I got an idea for one of my condo project. Going put the idea to the paper soon. As of now, I’m struggling to develop a 3d model for one of the proposal. Ah. I’m struggling but I am happy that I am learning at least, something new everyday.

It is everyday struggle, but I ain’t going to give up. I will keep on learning, and improving myself to be better. I thought of just dropping everything and move back to Kota Kinabalu, yesterday. Yeah, the hormone and loneliness talking again myself but I convinced myself that my plan staying back in Penang is to learn as much as I can, in this field, and to get my PhD. My Master’s graduation going to be in this september. I can’t wait to meet all my studiomates again. I miss them like crazy!

Of me settling down here, is not complete yet. I still worry of my transportation mode to work. Yes, I am using friend’s car now, but I can’t depends on that forever. I got to get my own to move around especially needed when I need to go to the site, to meeting and even to submit drawings. Ah. Why daddy is taking so long?

I know, this blog becoming so bleak where I just update on my life instead of just featuring the good and best here in Penang or in Kota Kinabalu. Please bear with me for a while my dear reader, I am still in daze in settling down and getting myself organized here.

I’ll blog about the Mediterranean food or even the yummy creme brulee at Straits Quay when I got a chance to go there. Ah, I love thursday night at Straits Quay, it’s ladies night at Fin’s! 🙂

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