Wabbit. rabito.

Another short update:

1. I’m starting to feel it. I mean, working. The old flame and intuitive to learn the way is back. I am starting to feel it yesterday when I made lotsa phone call to the local council, client, surveyor etc.

2. Went for a site visit alone yesterday too. Well, for starter I was given a plot of land around Anson Rd;

3. I’m going to handle another big project. Same developer that I did an EIA on the last time. But this time, it’s their project in Penang;

4. Played tennis just now with the new tennis group. They have taken my phone number few weeks ago, interested in bringing me in to their weekly tennis game at USM tennis court. 🙂 awesome. Won doubles 6-2 🙂

5. Falling in love with Beyonce’s the best I never had and Rihanna’s california king bed;

6. Oh, have you seen my pretty wabbit iphone? hahaha! Picture as shown below. Please don’t laugh. I know I’m already 26 (and should act as one, but this one is too cute, I can’t help it)

.. and I love my Head tennis shirt. Even though it is sorta big, but I got it for half the price! hail to jusco sale! Ha ha

7. I think I found a place near my workplace to salsa, dance and etc. Maybe going to check it out tomorrow!

8. I have not yet settle on my transportation issues. I don’t know when can i get the car out. haihh.

9. I feel like partying this weekend. Upper Penang Rd again anyone?

10. Since I’m taking tennis seriously, I’m losing my boobs. Got to invest in more push-up bra from now on. Ha,ha.

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