Hello everyone. It is monday morning and I am here, and not yet asleep. How was the weekend? It was a fine weekend with me. I had my forth session with my trainer at the gym today. I started with 10 minutes HIIT run at the treadmill. He was concerned over my leg, and I told him i just ate. LOL. But I managed to run/walk for 10 minutes solid. I think am going to continue, or say.. to start back running at the treadmill in which i dreaded for months. Perhaps 5km tomorrow?

We were working on the weight machines just now. Just working on those major muscles. Again, I managed to lift all those weight by using the right muscles. So, am quite competent in using those machines. and cool down using the TRX suspension training equipment.

I can’t wait to hit the gym again. I think am getting the momentum back. I feel the gardens FF is like home. I feel like am an outcast in the Ave K. Oh well, not that I got friends here but, familiar faces and it is not crowded. My next session with the trainer is on tuesday, but I will try my 5k tomorrow then.

Till then, wish me luck in getting back into shape, and to be bolder and stronger. I am conquering Annapurna, Rinjani and Kinabalu this year !!

Ini kali lah.

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