MWW’s Fitness & Wellbeing Workshop 2015

I attended The Malaysian Women’s Weekly Fitness & Wellbeing Workshop 2015 at Le Meridien KL. 

It was very insightful workshop about fitness and breathing technique by the Bodytone studio. We had a quick workout session. 

Quick workout. Images repost from thr mag’s official instagram. 

Their presentation slide and contacts if you are interested to join 🙂 They are using the vibration technique kinda training. I saw the same machine in FF while i was working out too. 

The agenda for today. 

Breakfast is freeflow yee haa. 

Second session was presented by Nestle Corporate Wellness Manager. Was a very informative as, i dont really take care of my food intake (eventhough am fcking fit) lol. 

We’re porpotioning our plate. Yes, i do eat that way except that i ear more veggie rather than balance it out with fruits. 

Food demonstration by Chef Muluk. He prepared bruchetta sotong, tongkol sandwich and fruitty croissant express. With all using Nestle products. 

The last session talk about detox and wellbeing by Delicious Detox Delivery. DDD talk about cleansing the intestine, kidney etc with greens. 

Green smoothie demonstration and they gave us to try it. They recommended about 60:40 ratio of veggie:fruits. 

 The workshop wrapped up with lotsa goodies to give away for lucky draw. I won a free entrance for raw food preparation class from Delicious Detox Delivery. Yeay!! 

Can’t wait to attend their classes. 

For more information, body tone studio can be reach at

Nestle product at

Delicious Detox Delivery at 

And more information and workshop to join, subscribe to The Malaysian Women’s Weekly magazine. 

Ciao. Have a nice weekend ya all!! 

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  1. Bestnya! Ajak me if there’s interesting workshop. Hehe

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