Today was my first (eh, second training with my personal trainer. I recently engage a PT to help me get back to my fitness. I can’t do it myself with my own will in the gym, so i need someone there to push me, even if it involve paying more. I have nothing to lose.

We started with the assessment of me, last sunday. I am slightly overweight, and I have a high percentage of body fat. I told him I need to get rid of that, and to build endurance as I need to prepare for the upcoming heavy/ultra/ trail marathon/climbathon.

Today I started with the 3 minutes warm-up followed by 15 rep of push-up, 1 minute on the machine, 15 rep of shoulder, 1 min interval on footworks, another 15 rep of pull-up, 1 min interval, another 15 rep of chin-up, 1 min interval, 15 rep of I don’t know what, then another 1 min interval of footworks, and the last is 15 rep of deadlift. Repeat those 3 times, and wallaa.. an hour gone.

I do struggle on lifting weight especially the shoulder. I have no problem with the 1 minute cardio footwork as i can achieve that within the speed desired. Deadlift really pull my back and hamstring. I can do push-up but i struggle from second set onwards.

I can see am quite weak, very extremely weak. But stamina wise.. I still can do cardio and talk like normal (not panting and out of breath). I am coming up with excel spreadsheet to monitor my weight, body fat percentage and whatnot as I have the comprehensive weighting scale that that read that at home (and it’s elfin’ expensive ya’know).

So, God bless and God speed me to achieve my targeted weight/ and stamina by my Annapurna Base Camp trekking !

Gambate !

*Note: the featured image above is my merrells minimalist shoes and camel bak tumbler, together with fitness first platinum membership card, and apple earphone in which all lost, during the car-jack.

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